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subtracting the drawings this was very good

it was a good humorous look into the mind of a dictator. you have a real knack for comedic timing, and your portrayals of famous dictators like stalin and hitler are very phsycologically accurate.

brilliant! i should kill myself!

duuuuuuude, ur comment on my game (epic riffs) was soooo right and became so much righter when i saw this. i mean, everything about it is sooo much better! u really know how to make a good movie with a high score! and, in addition, you probly won money for this like i will for my game since i entered it into the rock out contest and is currently in first place. the prize is 1000 dollars and an xbox360 elite AND guitar hero 2, but im sure u won or at least deserved better than me.

yours truly, and your biggest fan,

ps. dont stop making flashes for the whole world to see on front page and that get portal awards like mine did. i love you.

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kindof a silly premise for a rock out game

i was reading your reviews and noticed all the people saying "no td songs! fail!" and you saying "cant use copyrights! you fail!"

the really, really assanine thing about it is that im almost positive the name pick of destiny is copyrighted! its a fucking hollywood movie for fucks sake. you couldve named this something else like pick battle or what the fuck ever and it wouldve been fine since this had little to do with the actual pick of destiny.

i think the people angry that ther are no td songs are justified; a MUSIC game named after a MUSIC-based movie should definetly have the music from that movie. im not saying you shouldve put td songs in it, im saying you shouldve changed the name to something more logical. the pick of destiny couldve even stayed in the flash as a tribute to td.

LilDwarf responds:

I asked Armorgames if it was OK because I thought of that too. They said it was OK as long as I didn't use songs from the movie.

As for the name, I sticked with it because I thought it was catchy and sounded great, and it turned out to be true.

This review is just a sorry excuse for ranting at me for not using Tenacious D songs.

very good.

even as a competitor i have to review this fairly, and i do say this is quite the good rhythm game. although even though youve claimed that you didnt know about spin it up during production, i doubt that, but i still respect this game. its very solid and fun.


it was cool, but too easy.

and i thot the theme was rocknroll. this is allll techno. god do i hate techno

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before i knew this was a cover of a sonic song i was absolutely mezmorized by your skill, and now even after i found that out i still looove this song- sounds a lot like liquid tension expirement (if youve never heard them check out their myspace i think ud really like it)

good job

go lick a cheetas salty erection

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